Electronic Arts Presents

A Bioware Production


[Earth is seen from space.]


ALEC RYDER (voice-over):

Each bold leap forward was achieved by those willing to do anything to attain it.


[People wearing Andromeda Initiative armor with helmets on are inside a shuttle. Earth is seen from the shuttle.]


ALEC RYDER (voice-over):

We are all of us leaving behind families, homes--the very birthplace of our species.


[Several shuttles fly in formation, passing by other ships.]


ALEC RYDER (voice-over):

Some for discovery, to see the unknown--others for a new start… But today, whatever our reasons…


[We see the inside of the shuttle, where one person wearing a helmet looks at the camera. Cora Harper, followed by an unknown man, rush to look through the windows.]


ALEC RYDER (voice-over):

We take the first steps toward a new future for humanity. Today, we begin to make our dream reality.


[The shuttles fly past a large construction rig and arrive at the Ark Hyperion.

White text appears on a black background:]


In the year 2185, humanity lives in a golden era of interstellar travel.

Our discovery of ancient alien ruins on Mars propelled our understanding of science and technology ahead by thousands of years.

While many now enjoy the newfound freedom and challenges of exploration in the Milky Way, others look to even more distant stars.


For the hundred thousand adventurers embarking on this one-way voyage, the future begins in...