Mass Effect Lore (M.E.L. for short) is a website about the franchise Mass Effect and its games. It aims to be a good resource for fans looking to know more about the game, the characters and its lore. The Mass Effect universe is quite rich and has fascinated fans for years now. We want to provide guides and analysis to better understand that universe and its complexities. More than that, we want to provide context to the information found in the games or the codex. M.E.L. is always going to be a WIP, a work in progress. What we aren’t publishing now might be published soon! Check out our homepage or Twitter account to know our latest news.

We’re hoping our Mass Effect Guide will be useful to old and new fans. If you have no idea what Mass Effect is or someone you know might be interested in checking out the game, you could definitely show them the guide. If you’re already a fan, this guide could help you understand the Mass Effect universe better. It also offers a complete list of Mass Effect canon.

In this website, you’ll also find news, opinion pieces, links and other resources we think might be interesting.

Mass Effect Lore is owned by Deb aka omegastation.
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Who’s working on MEL now?

Deb with contributors: Eru for proof reading, Louis for lore analysis.
Kuoleman with her transcripts continues to be a great help!

Previous team :
MEL’s previous team include Marina, Bri, Saaga, Caryl, Logan, Ursula, Sean, Stephi, meltokio, Kuraiummei, Sauko, lightninfarron and Wrex. They have greatly contributed to make MEL the website that it is today!
Special thanks to Sean for helping kickstart the lore table of contents.