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GUEST POST: I feel like I belong here: The Rise of Liara T’Soni

Our guest blogger: Danielle is a computer science student and writer. She’s a lifelong sci-fi fan who discovered Mass Effect in 2015 and hasn’t left the Citadel since. She writes fanfiction on Archive of Our Own and can be found on tumblr at her main blog @ceruleanphoenix7 or her gaming blog @bisexualliaratsoni.

This week Danielle talks to us about Liara T’Soni and her fascinating character development!

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GUEST POST: Sic Itur Ad Astra: Mass Effect and Mythology

Our guest blogger:  Ria is a 27 year-old graduate student in museum studies living in England. She writes about folklore and fairytales at and can be found on Tumblr @ridethecricket and Twitter @littleleotas.

This week she talks to us about Mass Effect and mythology.

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GUEST POST: bugs will write songs about you

Our guest blogger: Beej is a 27 year old applications specialist who loves sci-fi far too much and Mass Effect even more. You can find her on Tumblr here.

This week, Beej talks about her love for Wrex.

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GUEST POST: The Totally Rad, Phat, Awesome Design of the Mass Effect Universe

Our guest blogger: Jena is a 24 year old Content Marketer by day, and an unrepentant Mass Effect fanatic by night. She likes to gush to random strangers about her Shepard, much like how parents always have photos of their babies on standby. You can find her on tumblr here.


This week,  she talks to us about the design of the Mass Effect Universe!

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GUEST POST: The Centre Cannot Hold: Grief, PTSD, and the Negative Character Development of Saren Arterius

Our guest blogger: Ierian is but a simple 20-year-old, trying to survive capitalism and an aerospace engineering major. They’re autistic and have a special interest in Mass Effect, and sometimes get yelled at for talking about it too much. You can find them on Tumblr here.

This week Ierian is going to talk to us about Saren and his character development. There are spoilers for the Mass Effect books and comics in this guest post.

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GUEST POST: Adventures in Consideration

Our guest blogger: Mallory  is a 21 year old college student studying screenwriting and a long time Mass Effect fan. Find her on Tumblr here.

Today she tells us how she started to love female characters like Ashley Williams and Miranda Lawson.

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