Hello everyone!

After a long hiatus, we came back to the Mass Effect community to ask if any of you were interested in joining the MEL team. We were thrilled with the response we got from the community and found ourselves a great team. You can find out more about our new members and their work in our About page. We would also like to thank previous members of the team for their efforts in laying the foundation for the new team to work with.

So, what’s new? Well, we’ve been hard at work.

We’re very proud to share with you the complete Mass Effect Andromeda codex. It contains all entries that we compiled cross referencing three sources: our own screencaps, the Mass Effect wiki, and the Library of Codexes website. We hope it’s as accurate as possible but in case you notice any mistakes or missing entries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@masseffectlore.com

The codex is available in four different formats: .word, .pdf, .epub, and .html, which includes embedded links for easy navigation.

What else?

  • We updated our Mass Effect Guide to include everything Mass Effect Andromeda. More precisely, we added a page for Ryder and Andromeda’s Galactic Community. Our Mass Effect Canon page also got an update, and we’re currently working on updating Major Events and adding a Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer page, as well.
  • We’ve added a Links page, where you can find links to fandom spaces, social media, lore resources, and more!
    Don’t hesitate to contact us if you think a link should belong there 🙂

What are we working on now?

  • Compiling the Original Trilogy codices
  • A Transcripts page- more information about this coming very soon
  • Getting our blog active with sharing articles, interviews, and MEL news
  • A table of content for our Mass Effect Lore page. This is a big project at MEL!

Thank you for sticking with us! We hope you enjoy! 🙂