Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a great time celebrating and are ready, resolutions or not, to kick start the year. 

Here at MEL, we’ve been terrible at being active and posting stuff. Sure, we do tons of things behind the scenes, but you rarely get to see the results. I often joke that working on MEL projects is like working on a very long WIP that might never end. We’ve sure been full of promises. You know, the, “We’ll do this and that!”. Yeah, no. Those don’t really last. So, in order not to jink myself, I won’t promise anything and simply tell you: we’ll do what we can. Our new motto at MEL is “Start somewhere.”

The Mass Effect universe is both beautiful and strange. It has never finished revealing itself to us. As lore gremlins, we can never truly know something for sure because a lot of what we do is making sense of canon and interpreting it. We’re human and we don’t have a perfect memory. That’s okay. If we don’t remember every obscure fact about elcor, salarians or batarians, someone will remind us. That’s how it goes, and that’s why having such a strong community of fans is really fun. So let’s chill out and do our best here. 

Thank you for loving the Mass Effect universe so much. You keep it alive every day with a variety of new content including walkthroughs, fanart, and fanfiction. Thank you for reminding me that this fictional universe and its lore are special.

One last thing: the MEL blog now uses the Disqus commenting system. You can comment as a guest or use a profile. Hope you’ll enjoy our next blog posts! 😉